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Printing of Digital Vynyl

What is Digital Vinyl Printing?

Radius Global offers full-colour printing. This can be laminated and shape cut. We offer the flexible high-quality solution. This can be used for decorating cars, buildings and windows, both internally and externally.

It can be used for PVC banners, car wraps, wall covering and exhibition displays.

Use of Vinyl Printing

Vehicles are the perfect option for advertising. They become portable billboards. This is the reason so many businesses choose to customize motorbikes, boats with colourful branded signage.

Producing car wraps is easy because of large printers. They are smooth and seamless.

Vinyl Graphics are used in retail stores to decorate the shop interior. They are creative, eye-catching, and offer great branding opportunities. Vinyl wraps help in bring customers to the store. It looks impressive.

Advantages of Vinyl Printing

  1. Vinyl printing is durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant. It can also endure any environment. It can work in cold and wet weather.
  2. It also is cost-effective. It is so cost-effective that all business can afford it.
  3. It looks professional. It is colourful and high quality. They are printed with ease, which is sure to attract attention of your clients.