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Printing of Backlit

What are the backlit signs?

Backlit signs are printed in front of a light source to showcase printed graphics. They are printed on translucent or semi-translucent substrates. 

They are used to brighten graphics and add dimensionality. This makes your signage stand out. They gain extra visual presence. They are used in lightbox displays. They are pre-fabricated structures. They accommodate graphics and contain a light that will make them luminous. 

Where are backlit used?
  • Retail Store
  • Bus Stop
  • Malls
  • Restaurant
  • Informational signage
  • Directional signage
  • Outdoor signage
Where else can backlit be used?

Backlit can be used at any time of day. They can be used indoor and outdoor. When they are used outdoor, they are illuminated. They can be read at night. They are also not affected by rain and wind. They remain fully functional during these conditions.

What sizes does backlight come?

Many substrates are used in a backlit display. We will recommend substrate according to your project. We can print graphics at a custom size.