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Outdoor Advertising

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As we know the standard and a revolutionary changes in advertising sector came after 2003, and it turned into Digital Printing and Publications. In the same way of digital media many resources of advertising came out like FLEX BANNERS, STANDY, CANOPIES, LED VAN, GLOW SIGN BOARDS,POLE BOARDS, KIOSK, HOARDINGS, VINYL AND TRANSPARENT VINYL. All these became the source of Marketing, Publicity, Promotion and Advertising. Similarly  above all are mostly used to show outside the office, outside the buildings, Public places, on roads, and roof of Buildings. It is also being used for individuals also like religious DharmGurus to announce about their Katha and many events, also using by Politicians. Also use by Social fame personalities, like Actors and Film stars. All the film publications were started to using this media of advertising. Now the World class market of advertising more focused on it. All Product based companies stated to promote their products through using it.

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